The Space Between [Diana Gabaldon]

The Space Between: An Outlander Novella - Diana Gabaldon

I spent about half of this one wondering who everyone was.  Okay, so I remembered Raymond & Jared from when Claire and Jamie lived in Paris and we don't really meet the two main characters, Joan and Micheal until this book.  Joan is Jamie's former step-daughter and Micheal is Ian and Jenny's son.  


I don't have a lot to say about this one.  It got three stars because I didn't care that much about the characters that much.  Yeah, I'm glad they didn't die but not much beyond that.  I did get a little caught up in the action, since I didn't figure out why Comte St. Germain kidnapped Joan.  I kind of felt dumb after I realized why he was taking her to the stones.  Poor Joan doesn't know that much French and didn't know the words for step-mother or step-father, so Comte St. Germain thought she was Claire and Jamie's child.  


I think a lot of my apathy in relation to this novella is that I read Written in My Own Heart's Blood less than a month ago and almost everything pales in comparison (and it's hard not to compare the two, since they are Outlander stories, after all).  Maybe I've judged this one unfairly, but that's the way it goes sometimes. 


I didn't really feel the love or romance between Joan and Micheal.  I can see the start of the possibility here, but this isn't a romance novella (nor did I expect it to be).  Based on the synopsis I expected them to spend more time together.