Huntsman's Prey [Marie Hall]

Huntsman's Prey  - Marie Hall

I expected a very different book than this one.  That isn't a bad thing, I was just wrong in this case.  i expected the Huntman to meet Chrysalis early on and spend time getting to know her and fighting the curse.  Instead he spends most of the book with Lissa, the guardian of the forest.  It isn't quite that simple, this is Wonderland after all and there's a trick to Lissa that I'm not going to give away here.  In the end, I'm glad it worked out the way it did.  It was  a little confusing, but it does all work out!


I understand now why Moon's Flower was before this book,  I should have assumed that that plot had something to do with this one (a lot to do with it, really, but that's all I'm saying).  It confused me while reading that one why it was Jericho and Calanthe's story and not Chrysalis'.  What happens in this book is why.  I don't think I would have been completely lost, but I wouldn't have even known who Jericho was (aside from the whole Man in the Moon thing) Siria would have been the Sun, but I wouldn't have known her beyond that. It's background if nothing else.