A Shiver of Light [Laurell K. Hamilton]

A Shiver of Light - Laurell K. Hamilton

I almost wish I hadn't read this book.  I read some of the reviews and worried that nothing happens in this book (as several of the reviews said) and while that is true for much of the book, the end is heartbreaking.  Maybe it was just me?  I'm not going to give it away, so I won't say why it's heartbreaking, only that it is.  I feel almost as emotionally raw as I did after reading Written In My Own Heart's Blood.  


I was also worried about reading this book since it's been over four years since I read the last one - I was afraid that I wouldn't remember who anyone was. It took me a while to remember everyone - Frost, Merry, Doyle, Galen & Sholto I remembered without any help from the book, but the others (Merry's men and some not - like her father's old guard) I needed some prompting to remember.  It's been four years after all.