Marked by Midnight [Lara Adrian]

Marked by Midnight - Lara Adrian

Not much to say about this one, oddly.


I hadn't expected Mathis to ever get a book.  I assumed that if he got one it would be pre-reveal (I actually - somehow- forgot about the reveal until Nova recognized Mathis as Breed).  I'm not sure why I expected that, really since he spent most of the pre-reveal books with a human.  


The romance and I love yous seemed a little rushed but that's understandable since this is a novella and not a novel.  We never do find out that much about Nova's past, although she does tell Mathis some of the important parts.  I think I like the name Nova better than her real one. 


The murder mystery part of the plot has a sudden realization and sudden ending, but I didn't guess who it was.  There wasn't really time, but still.