Fight for Love [Samantha Kane]

Fight For Love - Samantha Kane

I hadn't really expected Kitty to get a book at all, since she's been with Devlin for years.  I hadn't known that she loved Dr. Peters (it's hard to think of him as Thom for some reason).  I did expected Thom to get a book at some point, but I didn't expect Kitty to get one.  I like this better, since we already know all three of them (not very well).  We already care about these three, at least a little.  


I found it kind of funny that Devlin was trying to get Kitty and Thom together so they could get married, while Devlin planned to leave.  I have no idea why he thought Kitty would go for that!  You'd think he'd know her better than that since they've known each other for over fifteen years. Kitty's planning to make Devlin respectable so she can marry him and Thom doesn't have any real plans beyond the three of them.  Guess who got what they (thought they) wanted?  It wasn't Devlin's plans that worked out!