Jinni's Wish [Marie Hall]

Jinni's Wish (Kingdom Series) - Marie Hall

I'd forgotten that Kingdom is really a different planet.  I'm not sure how believable that really is, but this is paranormal/fantasy fiction so some suspension of disbelief is required. That said, it bugs me anyway.  My idea at first was that Kingdom is a parallel dimension to our own. How did the Hatter get there to begin with, if Kingdom is a different planet?  He was completely human once, so it doesn't make a lot of sense.  And I'm reading too much into this.  It's fiction, let it go!  It's still going to bug me.


Now that the mini rant is done, I liked this one more than I expected to.  It's instant love again, but that's not surprising since this one is just over 100 pages long.  I expected Jinni to be more stubborn than even Hatter was, since Jinni's been just waiting to die for hundreds of years, although we never find out how many.  


I was really worried about that whole she has to die thing, but Paz doesn't die.  She does come close but she never really dies.  I really expected her to have to die to meet Jinni at all since he's basically a ghost by this point in the series. Glad she didn't really have to, but still.


I'm wondering what Jinni was doing for that year that he and Paz weren't together.  I think that it took him and Danika some time to get him put back together, but a year seems like a long time.  What would have happened if Paz had died in that time?  Not that I really expected her to, but she could have.  She wasn't even sure he was alive and no one told her that he could use the golem to have a body again. I kind of loved Richard being all suspicious, some guy has just popped up in his sister's apartment claiming to be her fiancee.  I'd be suspicious, too!  I wonder how they are going to explain everything?