After Thoughts [Jen Ryan]

After Thoughts - Jen Ryan

I was a little unsure of this book at first, given the focus being cheating. Cheating in a novel tends to be the point where I stop reading, since I hate someone cheating and then staying in the relationship they were in. I find cheating to be a horrible thing to do and don't understand how someone can be cheated on and then stay in that relationship.


That said, I really liked this book. It starts out as Haden cheated on Avery and she's mad/hurt and she decides to get back at him by having sex with someone else. She does and this is when things really spiral out of control.


Avery thought that having sex with someone else (and getting back at Haden for having sex with someone she hated) who make her feel better. It doesn't. Haden's waiting for her at her house when she gets home from Teague's and they get into a fight over it. She sees him later at a frat party, with another girl. And they spend awhile going back and forth, hurting the other.


She goes back to Teague and it becomes clear that he isn't all he appears to be. Avery decides she doesn't want anything else to do with Teague, so she leaves his house and has no plans to come back. It doesn't work that way, since Teague has other plans - plans that include kidnapping and drugs.


It turns out Teague is a drug dealer, as well as a user and he's become obsessed with Avery. We never do find out what happens to Teague, but it's assumed that he was killed by rival drug dealers and his bodyguard helps Avery get out of the house, where she talks to the cops and repairs her relationship with Haden.


I'm not sure how okay I really am with Haden and Avery getting back together. He cheated first, but she made it worse by cheating too. I hate to be cliché, but two wrongs don't make a right.