Defeated by Love [Samantha Kane]

Defeated by Love - Samantha Kane


I hadn't planned on reading this one right after reading Love Betrayed, but I found that I couldn't leave Daniel and Harry's story as it was at the end of that book and this one promised a HEA, which I couldn't pass up.  I think I'll wait a while before reading Fight For Love (I'm really happy that Kitty's getting a book, although I didn't expect it). I understand why Daniel was angry at Harry, but at the same time, ten years is a long time to be angry at someone.  I'm glad he talked to Kate and she gave him some perspective on forgiveness. He forgave Harry very suddenly after that, which seemed like a huge 180 but I'm glad.


I didn't like Very that much in this book. She's only in it for a short period of time, during a dinner she's hosting but she invites Sir Barnabas James (who I've never liked very much, although he redeems himself some in this book) and makes poor Daniel feel like a prize to be won. Sophie says it best: "Daniel obviously needs defending. It isn’t as if he can take care of himself, or was a dangerous spy once or anything of the like. Why, just look at the poor dear." I love Sophie!


I'm now hoping that Simon, Christy and Robert get a book too.  There is no suggestion that Robert even likes men in that way, so I might be hoping for something that will not happen, but some of the events in this book make me think it's possible.  I've been hoping that Simon will get a book for a while, even though he's always come off as completely uninterested in the idea of marriage.  Then we find out he's been married before!  Something bad happened to his wife, although we don't find out what in this book.