Love Irresistibly [Julie James]

Love Irresistibly - Julie James

I always find it strange that these books tend to have a year or so in between them.  People's lives are moving on in the background and we don't see them.  Cameron is pregnant in this one and has the baby near the end of the book.  I had to stop reading for a second, since she wasn't pregnant in the last book, but she wouldn't have been since this book starts a year after About that Night.  


I don't really have a lot to say about this one.  I was a little worried at first about Cade and Brooke meeting via a case Cade was working on (not really a good thing since Nick and Jordan met via a case and it nearly got her killed).  It ends up not really being a big deal and the case ends fairly early on in the book.  


The biggest issue ends up being between the two of them, Cade doesn't emotionally open up to people and Brooke spends a lot of time working (so does he at some points, but there are times when it seems like all she ever does is work).  I could have done without the whole we're both pretending that we aren't emotionally invested in this person thing they both did when Brooke was thinking about moving to Charlotte for a different job.