1492: The Year the World Began [Felipe Fernandez-Armesto]

1492: The Year the World Began - Felipe Fernández-Armesto

I'm not really sure how "fair" my three star review of this book is. It's well written, but I don't think  it's really want I wanted to read right now so a book that I really should have liked was more a chore than anything.   Although I say every time I read a non fiction book I'll take notes on this one, I never do.  


This book is less about 1492 and more about the world that lead up to 1492: it's the history before and during 1492.  What made the world what it was that year, the year that changed the world as the Europeans knew it.  Columbus is mentioned quite a bit, but this book isn't really about him but the history that made him possible.   It's about Russian, Africa, Islam, Asia, India and the Americas.  It might be called 1492, but some of the events discussed in these pages happened hundreds of years before that year and some happened after.  


This book seemed too long but wasn't really.  Like I said, this book wasn't really what I wanted to read (although I don't know what I did want to read), so it was a chore to finish.  I should have put it down and read something else for a while, but this is the non fiction book I wanted to read for this month and I wanted to get it finished.  Hopefully I'll know better next time.  Part of the issue is that I prefer history books that focus on one thing: a person, location or a journey. This book might have only been about the time surrounding 1492 (with some deviation) but it was all over the place location wise.