Chasing Fire [Nora Roberts]

Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts

It's odd to hear fire talked about as a person with thoughts, feelings and plans.
I wasn't surprised by who the bad guy was, but at the same time I hadn't really expected who it was.


I kind of liked Rowan's rule (no sleeping with someone she works with) but I can't really see her following that rule for years and then letting Gul change her mind. So him being an exception to her rule wasn't really believable. I was glad that she'd already decided to break her rule for him before they had sex, instead of them having sex and then her trying to justify it.


And why is his name Gulliver? I tend to dislike nicknames, but really I'm glad no one really called him Gulliver, although I'm not completely sure that Gul was a huge improvement. I liked him, but his name drove me crazy.