The Job Offer [Eleanor Webb]

The Job Offer - Eleanor Webb

The general idea behind this book is a complete cliché (woman has one night stand with stranger who later turns out to be her boss/teacher/somehow in position of authority over her), but the book itself ended up not being as bad as I was afraid it was going to be.


Anne and Ben had known each other before and had even had crushes on each other when they were teens, although neither did anything about it. Years later they meet again and are drawn together. It's meant to be a vacation romance that quickly goes deeper. Neither one knows the other really has a different last name (there mother's have remarried for various reasons and their children's names changed to reflect said marriage) and that name change is what really gets them both into trouble: she's going to work for Standford Enterprises and he doesn't know that she is Dr. Jane Anne Conner. Add an ex-girlfriend who still wants him (or his money, at least) and that's really all the drama is.


Said ex tells him that Anne is really Dr. Jane Anne Conner and it spirals down from there. How he really thought she could have been using him to get a job that he didn't even know she wanted, I still don't understand. If he had no idea who she was, how was her sleeping with him helping her chances of getting a job he didn't even know she was trying to get? I hadn't really thought about that during the book, but now it really doesn't make any sense.


She also forgave him too easily. Part of that is likely because I didn't really like Ben all that much at first and after his little anger fit, he never quite redeemed himself. I understand why he was upset, but he spent the whole night after said anger fit getting drunk. So much could have been avoided if he's just apologized that same night instead of leaving her a voice mail that she never listened to (can't really blame her, since the night before he'd accused her of being a whore and using him).


Despite this, I did like this book. I wish it had been a little longer at the end, since that was my biggest issue, she forgave him to easily!