A Feast For Crows [George R.R. Martin]

A Feast for Crows  - George R.R. Martin

I had forgotten how long these books are!  This is one of those series that I quit reading last year, this one because they are so long and my favorite characters kept dying!  


I had also forgotten how much I love this world and Martin's writing.  This book was 'read' in audio but I read book 3 in ebook and I still don't know which one I like more.  The ebook took me less time to read, but the audiobooks are so well done it's worth taking longer to listen to the audio.  


None of my favorite characters died in this book, so I'm expecting them all to die in the next one. There's always so much going on in these books that I don't even try to write a well thought out review, since I know that would be impossible.  I listened to the first part of this book almost two weeks ago., so I'm not really sure how much of that part I really remember.


I felt a little lost at first, since it's been so long since I read the third book in this series.  There are so many people to keep up with, although I did remember everyone that has a POV in this book, I just forgot about a lot of the other characters.