No Good Duke Goes Unpunished [Sarah MacLean]

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished - Sarah MacLean

I've been looking forward to Temple's book from the beginning and it doesn't disappoint.  Like Temple, I kind of hated not knowing why she'd done it but it is an understandable reason.  Temple becoming the Killer Duke hadn't been in her plan, but I do still wonder why it took her twelve years to come back to London.  I guess her bother losing everything was the push she needed to come back.


Some of the drama was misunderstanding related, but not all of it.  Some of it was made worse by Mara's bother who lost everything gambling in the Fallen Angel and refuses to take blame for his losses (he even assumes that the owners should have stopped his gambling!  Ever heard of self control?)


For anyone who hasn't read this book and is completely ready to hate Mara: she was sixteen years old when she ran and it was fear that made her run (fear of what, I'll leave for you to discover on your own).  After reading this book, I understand her reasons but I was ready to hate her before reading it.