ePistols at Dawn [Z.A. Maxfield]

ePistols at Dawn - Z.A. Maxfield

The ending made me smile. It was cute and a little weird, just like Jae and Kelly.  I also really love Jae-sun's name.  It took me a minute to realize why he's named that.  Jae-sun, Jason.  


There were parts of this book that made me want to hit one or the other of them: Jae for not telling Kelly he knew and then Kelly later on for not being willing to listen to Jae. Although really, the second time was a little bit Jae's fault too. How hard would it have been to have started the conversation with "I quit my job"?


I ended up really liking them both, although this is one of those books that would have a lot less drama if the main characters would just talk to each other!