Lord John and the Hand of Devils [Diana Gabaldon]

Lord John and the Hand of Devils - Diana Gabaldon

This is really a collection of three short stories set in this world.  I really liked the author's warning at the start:  this is not a book about Jaime and Claire. It just amused me for some reason.


The orignal plan for my reading of this book was to read the first story, Lord John and the Hellfire Club and write a review, repeat with both Lord John and the Succubus and Lord John and the Haunted Solider.  It's not really a surprise that that didn't work out very well,  but that had been the plan!


Out of the three, I liked the Hellfire Club one the best.  I'm not really sure why, since it confused me a little at first and they were all too short (I think each one of them could have been expanded into a full novel.