Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade [Diana Gabaldon]

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - Diana Gabaldon

I was drawn into this one from the start, although it seemed a little slow at first.  The start of this book might have been even slower than the start of the first book, but I have grown use to this world and I had no trouble being drawn into this book in spite of the slow start.


I didn't really trust Percy from the start, I'm not sure why really.  I'd hoped I was wrong since it was kind of nice for John to have someone to be with, even if I didn't really like them together.  It turns out that I was right to not trust Percy but I really didn't expect him to be involoved with the main plot of the book: the murder of John's father years before and the traitors of today.


Like the first book, the climax of this one happens rather suddenly.  New information comes in and John gets all the pieces fit together.  At least this time he doesn't end up on a boat bound for India!