Takedown Twenty [Janet Evanovich]

Takedown Twenty - Janet Evanovich

How many times does Stephanie almost die in these books? Sometimes I think she does stupid things on purpose!


Everytime I finish one of these books I tell myself I'm not going to read the next one. Yeah, I've been saying that for the past several books and look, I've read the next one. I've been sick of the Ranger-Stephanie-Morelli love triangle for a while. I tend to dislike love triangles anyway, but this one got old really fast. Pick one already! There for a while, I though she had but she just can't make up her mind.


The plot in this book was way out there, but Stephanie somehow makes it work for her.  A giraffe running around and no one notices? This book also includes Stephanie breaking her own nose by gun kick back and shooting off a guys ear.  It's still laugh out loud funny, but sometimes it boarders on the ridiculous.