The Rogue [Celeste Bradley]

The Rogue - Celeste Bradley

The end of this one was a little too cruel.  I know it all works out, but I kind of want to re-read the Royal Four books now that I've read these.  They might be two different series, but they are set in the same world and it would have made more sense for me to have read these and the read the Royal Four, but I didn't know that when I started reading the Royal Four series.  


I really wasn't expecting this to work out as well as it did: a lady and a man who can't even claim gentlemen?  I knew it would work out since this is a romance novel, but still.  Wasn't sure how it would.


I did like the twist of the reader not even really knowing who Jane was (she is who she claims to be, but there's more to it than that) so that was a nice change instead of us knowing and the other main character not having any idea we all got be be clueless for once!