Holiday in Death [J.D. Robb]

Holiday in Death - J.D. Robb

I'm not sure I'll never be able to listen to the Twelve Days of Christmas ever again.  I can't remember if I had the same reaction the first time I read this one, but every single time something about the song came up I heard it in my head.  Not a good connection to make.


I think I spoke too soon about how I wanted a book without Eve almost dying.  So she was safe in this one, but Peabody wasn't. How about this:  one were none of the characters almost die at the end.  Not sure how well that would really work, since these are murder mysteries but oh well.  


When I'd complained about Eve almost dying (again) in the last book, I hadn't really thought about this one having Peabody almost die.  It could have just as easily been McNab, since they were both undercover at Personally Yours.


This case hit Eve hard.  All of her cases do, since she takes her job very seriously but these reminded her of her childhood and caused several nightmares during the course of the book.  


Next up in my re-read is Midnight in Death (novella) and Conspiracy in Death.