The Pretender [Celeste Bradley]

The Pretender - Celeste Bradley

I was a little unsure of this book at first, not because it was slow at first or anything (the first pages takes the reader right into the action) but because it is the first book in a series and those always seem to be a hit or miss for me.  This book being a hit for me isn't really that big of a surprise in hindsight, since I have read Bradley's Royal Four series (which is a spin off of this series and I really should have read these first but I didn't know that at the time).  


This book was a lot of fun.  I loved Agatha and Simon's assumptions during the first half of the were funny.  Not his fault James never told the Liar's that he has a sister, so what was Simon meant to think when this woman started spending James' money (hers too, but he didn't know that).  


I also loved Agatha's servants: Buttons was a lot of fun, although his obsession with fashion kind of scared me at times.  Pearson was the butler who made jokes and then claimed that their was a law that butlers couldn't make jokes.