The Edge of Town [Dorothy Garlock]

The Edge of Town - Dorothy Garlock

I had a little trouble getting into this book.  I'm not completely sure why since after I got into it I read the whole thing in one sitting.  I read this book years ago and I think it was the only book I read that whole summer.


The Jones family all have names that start with J, and that was a little off putting at first.  It was a little hard to kept everyone straight:  Julie, Joe, Jack, Jill, Jason and Joy (and that's not including their father, Jethro!)  It was too many J's to kept track of at first, although they all quickly show that they have their own personalities.  


The main focus of the book is Julie, the eldest.  She's been taking care of her brothers and sisters since their mother died four years before.  This book is set in 1922, although it's hard to tell most of the time when it's meant to be.  The Jones' do end up getting a car,  but aside from their drives to town the car isn't that focused on.  I kept having to remind myself that this is the 1920s. Not really a bad thing.  I don't think I've read a book about this time aside from this one. 


This book is part of a series, but I'm okay with this being the only one of them I read.  There are 3 others and all three of them focus on someone who is in this book: Joe, Jill or Corbin (the policeman that the town hires early on in the book). I might read them at some point (the library does have them) but I'm not going to rush too much.