Immortal in Death [J.D. Robb]

Immortal in Death (In Death 03) - J D Robb

Immortal in Death is all about the lifestyles of the rich and famous: actors/actresses, models, fashion design and high level businessmen.  It opens with Eve wondering why she agreed to marry Roarke and dreading shopping for her wedding with Mavis (that info nearly gives Roarke and heart attack).  


Mavis' 'mag' fashion designer turns out to be Leonardo, a man who is also her lover.  Everything is okay until Pandora shows up and attacks Eve assuming that she is Leonardo's new lover. She also attacks Mavis, while Leonardo rings his hands.


Fast forward to the next day, and Eve is once again standing over the dead.  She knew this man in life: Carter Johannsen AKA Boomer, he'd been one of her weasels. His death is low priority, given the way he lived.  Peabody shows up again in connection: she's the one who connected Eve and Boomer.  


Later on that night, Eve gets a call from Mavis.  There's a dead body were Mavis is and she's freaking out a little.   Can't blame her, really.  This victim is Pandora, who we saw attack both Mavis and Eve the day before.  It doesn't take long for Eve to realize that everyone hated Pandora.  They are perhaps a little too open with the information.  Mavis is the main suspect in her murder, although Leonardo assumes he did it.  


Victim 3 was a Jane Doe until Eve connects her to this case: Hetta was an LC that worked at clubs like the Down and Dirty.  She'd been killed first, but no one connected her to this case until Eve spoke to Crack.  The 4th victim was Lament Ro  AKA Cockroach, he'd been a dealer in life and it was clear these murders are related to drugs: a drug that was a mix of Zeus and Erotica plus something the labs were having trouble identifying.  The drugs is called Immortality.


Jerry Fitzgerald is the final victim of this drug related drama.  She'd been addicted to Immortality by someone else who'd known Pandora.  She died of an overdose while in treatment.  The case is closed, since it's assumed that Jerry was the killer but it's a week later and Eve can't let it go. 


She's getting married the next day, so her friends have set up a bachelorette party,  were the drama goes down and our heroine almost dies (again!)  What is with books of this genre and the main characters almost dying?


Overall, well written.  It's different writing a review for books you've read before, since I knew who was going to die and who really killed them.  That adds a different element to the reading:  it's not really a mystery but it's fun anyway. 


Next up in my In Death re-read is Rapture in Death.