Glory in Death [J.D. Robb]

Glory in Death - J.D. Robb

This one opens with Eve Dallas standing over a dead body.  This isn't really something new, given that Dallas is a Homicide cop, but she knew this woman.  Oh not well, but PA Cicely Towers and Dallas had worked together on cases before.  Eve wonders if it's worse if you know the victim.  I'm tempted to say yes, but she stands for the dead regardless of who they were in life.  


This case is made even messier by the Commander being friends with the victim.  This causes her Commander to take a couple of cheap shots at Dallas during this book: "You wouldn't understand family, Dallas." & "Compassion's not your strong suit, is it, Dallas?".  They were both very cheap shots and almost designed to be cruel.  I know they weren't really: people say things they don't mean when they're upset and he knows he was out of line almost as soon as he says either one, but the damage continues on into the next book (which I've already started, clearly): Immortal in Death.


The next victim is Yvonne Metcalf, an actress.  The only tie that Dallas can see between the two women is Roarke, who had business dealings with the first and was a former lover to the latter.  He keeps popping up.  By Metcalf's death, Eve and Roarke are having personal problems (Eve has commitment issues and he's pushing anyway).  

Dallas has a theory about the killer and his motives: women who get screen time.  She gets Nadine Furst to give her some screentime hoping to make herself bait, but it doesn't work that well.  The bait is taken but it's the wrong bait.  


Louise Kirski is the third and final victim and were the killer makes a mistake: first it's not the woman he thought it was (she was wearing Nadine's rain coat) and he says something wrong to Dallas.  


The book ends with a high end party and Roarke, Eve and Nadine almost getting killed.  Oh and Roarke proposes.  They're walking away from both of them almost getting killed and he just wants one thing "I want you to marry me."  Best way to end the book, I think.  


Next up on my re-read is Immortal in Death. I'm reading it now and should have the review up sometime tomorrow.