Tempt the Stars [Karen Chance]

Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance

Poor Cassie didn't really have a chance to take a breather. I'd forgotten how much I love this series and Cassie! After the complete cliffhanger end of Hunt the Moon, I was a little worried about reading this one. There end is kind of a cliffhanger, but it's a optimistic one instead of the depressing end of Hunt the Moon. I'm okay with optimistic and really hoping Reap the Wind comes out early 2014! I doubt it will, but I can hope right?


As much as I love Cassie, she can be a little slow at times. I know people that hate her mock her for it, but it's true! When Prikin was trying to explain why having Artemis talk the demon council was a bad idea, I got what he was trying to say when he said something about the Gods waiting Earth despite humans not being good food for them, but they were good food for the Gods' real prey. Maybe Cassie didn't understand because she didn't want to, but Prikin had to basically spell it out for her.


I think this book is kind of filler, a lot of stuff happens but at the same time it's more Cassie learning more about what's going on and trying to save Prikin than anything else.


I loved the part where Prikin was trying to get Cassie to explain why she went after him: it's pretty clear that he's expecting something specific, but poor Cassie doesn't know what.  She clearly got close, but I don't think she really knows why either.