The God Delusion [Richard Dawkins]

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins, Lalla Ward

If nothing else, this book has shown one of my own biases. I'd never really thought about everyone's respect (assuming they don't disagree for some reason, or aren't hostile to the person's belielfs) of other people's religions as odd. It really is an odd thing that I've never wondered why? I tend to wonder why quite often, mostly about social interactions and people in general (my degree is in psychology, after all). I've always been intrested in religion, but this is one question I've never thought about, until reading this book.

I can't really say he's convinced me of anything he was trying to convince me of. I'm already non-reliogious, so he failed on that simply b/c I already agreed with him. One of the other things that he spent quite a bit of this book trying to tell the reader is that when ever someone calls a child by a reliogion (Christian child, for example) everyone should be ready to disagree with the term. I agree that no child can really have a religon, but at the same time it is very likely that that child will grow up to be whatever reglion their parents are.

I wish, as I often do when writng a review of an audiobook, that this had been an ebook so I could have taken notes. I did write a few things down, but they were all things that I found intresting and not really useful for a review.

I might add more to this review later, but I just want to get this up before the internet stops working again!