Succubus Blues [Richelle Mead]

Succubus Blues - Richelle Mead

Turns out I was right about how she should have stayed out of the investigation. Or at least, not gotten mad at anyone or had arguments with them. I like Seth. He's shy, and I love that for some reason, but if I was trying to have a conversation with him, it would drive me crazy.

Georgia doesn't annoy me as much as I thought she would. I don't agree with her self-hate. She was the one that made the agreement. I doubt she really understood what the agreement really meant, but she's been a succubus for a while (not sure how long, but less than 2000 years, although I'm thinking maximum of 1500 would be closer). She understands how it goes, and she must know the rules by now.

I'm wondering if her kissing Seth lessened his life expectancy. I'm guessing so, given how powerful she was after kissing him but she didn't think about how his life was shorted.

I really loved her verbal sparing with Carter. And just about everyone she knew. Her self pity is annoying, but I love her witty comebacks and insults.