Succubus Heat [Richelle Mead]

Succubus Heat - Richelle Mead

Poor Seth. I hadn't really thought about what cheating on Maddie with G would do to his soul. Stupid really. But he hadn't felt the guilt until the very end of the book, which is why Hugh noticed. He should have known better and so should G have, but oh well.

I'm not really surprised that it was Dante that summoned Jerome. Grace did surprise me some. I wonder if Mei knew something about it, since they started working independently of each other. that seemed really odd, since in the other books they were always together. Dante summoning Jerome is a good way to get rid of him so G doesn't have to break up with him and deal with all the drama that would cause. i'd been wondering how they broke up. I didn't spend time thinking about who did the summoning, even with all his hints. Like that he's the most powerful of all the wizards in the area. I try not to think about the big plot issues while I'm reading a book, since some are very predictable if I do think about them.

I think them all losing their powers might have been the worst thing to happen. Mostly b/c without it, G and Seth wouldn't have had sex and that seems to have been a very bad thing. i've been wondering how G and Seth get together again, given that she's planing his wedding in the next book, but I think I know know. He cheated on G with Maddie and now he's cheated on Maddie with G. For a good guy, he does a lot of cheating. Or maybe G and Maddie are just special like that.

That cat at the end was brilliant. Will G get her dream? Hints say yes