Wolf at the Door [Christine Warren]

Wolf at the Door - Christine Warren

What is with the paranormal series becoming so focused on having humans learn about demons/vampires/shifters/witches etc? I know not all of them do that, but it seems like it's becoming a theme. Having all of the groups come out at once is new, since most of the other series have it as one group comes out then others do (like the Mercy Thompson series has the fae come out, then the werewolves decades later).

I love Tess, and now surprised everyone was that she took on the demon on her own. She's a witch, people, get with the program!

I'm glad that Quinn's mom, at least, is okay with him mating a Foxwoman. I know Quinn's his last name, but I don't think Cassidy every called him Sullivan. Nor did he call her Cassidy (often). I'm also glad that Cassidy's grandmother is willing to go with it. I find it strange that they never had the you're my mate conversation. I guess they didn't really need it, but I was expecting it anyway.