Deadlocked [Charlaine Harris]

Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris

I really hope Eric gets over himself in this book. He was a bit of a bastard in the last one. I wonder who isn't dead?

Review: I was really worried about reading this book, given the negative reviews on here. I didn't see anything wrong with it. I do agree that she's taken a male char that I've loved (and Sookie still does, but he's broken her heart) and made him into a power-hungry ass! So, Eric, I kind of hate you now.

I wasn't expecting it to be Claude as a bad guy. I really wasn't expecting all the fae to leave for Faery. I'm going to miss Dermot, but I wonder what was meant in that he wouldn't be a fae anymore? That's the way I understood it, at least. I know they all left and fae need to be near other fae. I thought Sookie was fae enough for a full-blood fae to just have her and be ok, but maybe I'm wrong.

It does look like Sookie's going to end up with Sam. I'm okay with that. I've always liked Sam. I just really hope she doesn't end up with Bill. Please, not Bill! Sam is looking really good at this point, since there is only one book left. I'd say Sam or Eric, but (as stated above) I kind of hate Eric now. So no to Eric too.