Blood Rites [Jim Butcher]

Blood Rites - Jim Butcher

Blood Rites - 4.5 stars - This book seems like a game changer to me. We learn a lot about Harry's mother, although we still know very little about her overall. I'm looking forward to getting more puzzle pieces about his mother's life.

I loved the interactions between Murphy and Harry. It was pointed out by Harry's otherself in his mind and we can really see the possiblity in these two as a couple. I'm not sure I want it to happen, but I think it would be intresing. I love Murphy, but I'm not sure Harry could handle her. We also learn more about Murphy and her family in this, since there is a brief scene that's a Murphy family reunion and some interation between Murphy, her mother and her younger sister. I didn't really like the Mom and the younge sister is nothing like Murphy.