Incarnation [Emma Cornwall]

Incarnation - Emma Cornwall

I assumed when I started this book that it was a single novel. After reading it, I'm not so sure. The ending was very open. I'm not sure if I'm hoping for a sequel or not!

I don't really remember the Lucy from Dracula, so I think I lost something there. I might have had a different reaction to this book if I'd remembered what that Lucy was like. I liked the Lucy in this book, though. The idea of Dracula being based on someone real isn't a new one but I've never read a book that has Lucy as a real person too. I was kind of expecting Jon and Mina to pop up somewhere.

I'm not really sure I'd call this a steampunk novel, but part of that is likely due to the recently read Riveted than anything else. There were somethings that seemed steampunk, but they got lost in the whole vampires and werewolves thing to really make this book a true steampunk novel (Gail Carriger managed a series that's both).

I really liked the writing style, although it threw me off a bit in the prologue.