Magic Burns [Ilona Andrews]

Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews

I really loved the ending! Psych! And I really ended up hating Red. I'd wondered about the whole Juile was going to give him her powers thing, but hadn't really thought about it until her and Kate talked about it. Creepy kid!

This book is all about Celtic mythology, which was a nice change from the Greek mythology that has become so common in PNR and UF (not that I don't love Greek mythology, it's just nice to have something different.) That means I was a little lost (aside from Morrigan, since I do know who she is, but I was basically lost otherwise.

I really want to know about Kate's bloodline! It's been a tease for 2 books now and it's about to drive me crazy. There was a hint in this one, but it wasn't enough for me to even be able to guess.