To Wed a Scandalous Spy [Celeste Bradley]

To Wed a Scandalous Spy - Celeste Bradley

I wasn't sure about this book at first, given the whole marriage to a man she just met thing. I was wondering why she had to marry him, since I thought the cover said she dragged him to her families' house, but that mistake is my own. Instead Willa spends the night in the woods with him (I don't even think she really thought about what people would think about that). It didn't matter that nothing happened or that he was knocked out the whole night (really, that second one really should matter), she would have been ruined if he hadn't married her, so he did.

I really loved Willa in this book. She was so odd at times, it was hard not to like her. I didn't like Nathaniel as much as I liked Willa (not really a bad thing, given how much I loved Willa!) but I liked him well enough, aside from the times he was being an idiot (which was often, at least when it came to Willa).

I kind of wish I'd read the Liar's Club (The Pretender, The Impostor, The Spy, The Charmer & The Rogue) before starting this series. They are related series (although I didn't know that until Nathaniel started talking about the Liar's Club. I feel like I missed a lot of backstory, but I don't think not knowing it had any real effect (how would I know if it did?)