Harvest Moon [Robyn Carr]

Harvest Moon - Robyn Carr

I wasn't expecting Kelly to get her book right after Jill's book. I was expecting to hate Courtney, at least some of the time, but it was hard to hate her even when she was being a complete brat. Some of this book was in her POV since she's so important to the plot and her dad is the one who gets involved with Kelly.

I did have one issue with Courtney, although it's more the way the author treats her than Courtney herself. Courtney starts the book as a Goth and I have a big issue with the author treating it like a bad thing. There are a lot of teens (and older) that dress Goth. it doesn't really mean anything! they aren't all depressed people who hate the world. I can't really blame Lief for being a little angry about the hair (four different colors really?), which was more punk than goth anyway. It was like no one was willing to see her as a person while she was dressed goth. Clothes shouldn't matter that much (I know they do, but they shouldn't!). Clearly, this really bothered me.