Ashes of Midnight [Lara Adrian]

Ashes of Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 6) - Lara Adrian

I really wasn't sure about this book going in, since the summary made it seem like something I didn't really want to read. They've been together before and are going to find each other again in this book (I don't like second chance romance), she's mated/married to someone else and the summary made me think he'd kidnapped her or something.

Thankfully, none of these really bothered me after starting the book. Yeah, it's second chance but they haven't seen each other for 30 years and he left to protect her from him (well, his powers, stupid man). I don't mean to say it was okay that he left, but it's been 30 years so the hurt had faded but she still loved him (and he her, even if he wasn't sure if he should say it or not).

Her being mated/married to someone else was an issue, but since Andreas wanted to kill him anyway, not really a big issue overall. Well that and his and Claire's mating wasn't a love match. She even called it a business arrangement at one point (that's what it was really).

He didn't kidnap her. Not really much else to say but that about this issue. Maybe I read the summary wrong? *checks* Maybe it was the pawn comment that made me think that? Who knows.

All of that being sorted as the book progressed, I loved this one. I even liked both Andreas and Claire (although her name being Claire seemed really wrong to me, since Claire is in the Outlander and those are very different from these. it confused me some, which is really odd since names don't tend to affect me that much). Normally, I like one of the MCs and hate/not care about the other so it was nice to like them both.