You Slay Me [Katie MacAlister]

You Slay Me - Katie MacAlister

I didn't really like Drake. I'm not completely sure why I didn't but there it is. I can handle him being a thief, he is a dragon after all but he kept taking stuff that was Aisling's even after he admitted to her being his mate. This dislike I have of him means that I really couldn't blame Aisling for leaving at the end and I'm happy to consider this a single novel (even though I know it's not). That means I'm not going to read the other books in this series. I've read series before where I only liked one of the main char, but there were points I didn't really like Aisling that much either. Sometimes she was really clueless and other times it was like she was so smart her brain moved to fast for her to understand what she was thinking. She had several logic leaps that made no sense or that I'd figured out 20 pages before.

I liked the dragons, in general and I really liked the idea of the Guardians but this is the only book in this series for me.