Undead and Underwater [MaryJanice Davidson]

Undead and Underwater - MaryJanice Davidson

This whole book was a lot of fun!

Super, Girl!: ★★★★
I'm really hoping this world becomes a book at some point! This story was a lot of fun and just what I needed after A Storm of Swords. MaryJanice Davidson never fails at writing humor. I loved that she doesn't always have superpowers. Her eating habits are a little weird, though. :)

Undead and Underwater: ★★★★
This one was also a lot of fun. I'd forgotten how annoying Betsy can be, with her obsession with shoes and ditsy-ness (not a word, but you get the idea). She's also really hard to not like, as Fred has found out. I really loved seeing Fred again, since it's been a while since there's been a Fred book.

Incomer: ★★★★
This a Wyndham Werewolves short set 25 into the future. It was really odd to see Lara all grown up. I felt a little lost at some parts, since it's set 25 into the future and I couldn't quite remember everything that's happened in all the Wyndham books. This one was as funny as the other two stories (no surprise, really). The bad guy was an idoit and I really liked that Sean (Lara's younger brother) is a beta wolf instead of an alpha. Poor Micheal doesn't get it at all!