Bone Magic [Yasmine Galenorn]

Bone Magic - Yasmine Galenorn

These books get better and better. The end of this book is the perfect set up for Delilah's book, since something happened to Chase at the end of this book. No more info on that, since even that little amount could be considered a spoiler, but when doesn't something happen to the sisters and their allies/friends/lovers?

In this book Camille has to do something she really doesn't want to do but that must be done. That's all I'll give. It's not really a bad thing, but it takes time for her to realize that! Trillian is also in this book after he's been missing in the past several books. He was a bit of an ass about the whole she married some one else thing, but he got over it fast. Aside from him being a bit of an ass at first, everyone is glad to see him (grateful that he's alive and okay even though they don't really like him - Camille loves him and that's enough for Menolly and Delilah).