The Wanderer [Robyn Carr]

The Wanderer - Robyn Carr

I was a little disappointed that Carr is not longer going to be writing the Virgin River books. I'm not completely sure that Thunder Point is going to be a good replacement or not. I liked it, but I already knew almost everyone in Virgin River and it's a little strange to read a book by Carr and not have any idea who the people are (although Cooper is friends with a VR resident, so Luke gets a brief mention in this book). I like the people in Thunder Point so far, so that's a big plus. The HEA seemed to work out a little too well in the end. Not that I didn't want Cooper and Sarah to get a HEA, I just expected a little more drama.

It was a little strange that I was about 1/2 through the book and Cooper and Sarah hadn't met yet!