Heartbreaker [Karen Robards]

Heartbreaker - Karen Robards

This one had more drama/suspense than I really expected. That's not a complaint but I read on here that Karen Robards' romantic suspense books are more romance and less suspense. I really liked the plot, but I wish it hadn't been as farreaching as it was going from a murder in Utah to destroying the world was a little much, it was written well but there was a point where I just wanted to give up on it. The countdown drove me crazy!.

I didn't really like Jess at first, I'm not sure how much of that was that he really bothered Lynn and how much of it was that he bothered me at first too. I was really afraid that he was going to be like Rodrigo in Fearess (who was a totally unredeemable ass) but he redeemed himself fast when Rory and Lynn fell off the cliff.