Only Vampires Cry Blood [Trina M. Lee]

Only Vampires Cry Blood - Trina M. Lee

I think part of my almost dislike of this book was the summary telling us that Lex and Arys end up hurting each other in this book. I can't say I like the whole love triangle thing going on between Lex, Arys and Shaz but I do understand it (the author has good reasons for it, so I'm willing to go with it - well that, and it's not a 'normal' love triangle, I hate those!) but I really didn't want to read about Arys and Lex hurting each other. Thankfully, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Both of them acted kind of stupid at different points in the book, but the drama is (mostly?) fixed by the end. They both hurt the other, sometimes with intent (payback) and sometimes not. I kind of wanted to hit them both, but I'm hoping all the drama between them is fixed (please!)