Sharing Jewel [P.S. Love]

Sharing Jewel - P. S. Love

I got this book for free via Making Connections, so I could read and review it

They pushed her a little too much about her fantasies. That bothered me some, she wasn't ready to admit that fantasies are something you'd like to happen. She explained it very well, fantasies are something you can control but real life is never like that. I'm not sure if what the twins did there was helpful in the long run or if they should have just let her figure it out on her own.

I loved the banter at the start of the book, poor Jewel wasn't sure if they were serious or joking! I wasn't sure either and I knew where they were going to end up. There's a little bit of bondage in this book, they do mention BDSM but there isn't really any in the book, aside from the bondage.

I also didn't like that they didn't tell Jewel that David can't have kids. That plot line seemed a little sudden to me, since the chapter before they'd been talking about having kids and suddenly he knows he can't have kids and wants his twin brother to have kids with his wife. I kind of wanted them to try their plan, but she would have killed them if she found out! I wouldn't have been able to blame her!

There were a few misused words and grammar errors, but I just noticed them for a moment and went on (mostly because I knew I'd be reviewing this book). It was well written otherwise.