Josie Day Is Coming Home [Lisa Plumley]

Josie Day Is Coming Home - Lisa Plumley

I liked this book, but Luke not telling Josie that he owns Blue Moon almost drove me crazy! I understood at first, since he thought she'd be there for a couple of days and that would be it (she wouldn't need to know if that was the case). After she'd been there for a week, he should have told her. I also hated that Josie's mom knew and didn't say anything (she was going to, I think, but Luke shook his head or something and she didn't)

I can't believe that Donovan's Creek is such a small town and she didn't know about the Donovan's. It didn't ring true for me. Josie was a little too naive at times, sometimes so much that it was completely ridiculous. A stubbed toe, Luke, really?

The HEA seemed a little too easy in the end, but this is a cute, funny story anyway. I loved Josie's knock knock jokes, they weren't really funny but endearing