Review: Finding Absolution by Carol Lynne

Finding Absolution - Carol Lynne

Guy not remembering is such a cop out. Attempted rape is attempted rape, but he brushes it off - Jon does to, to be fair. He's sorry so it's all good, right? I didn't expect Guy to get arrested, but I really expected something other then him not remembering. Alcohol seems to be the go to excuse - really alcohol doesn't change your personality, it just lowers your inhibitions making you do things you wouldn't normally do. This doesn't mean that the things you do while drunk aren't things you wouldn't think about doing, just that you wouldn't do them if you were sober. Out of this whole book, that's what I'm going to remember about it.

I liked both Van and Jon but neither really sticks out as a favorite. I'd forgotten how short these books are compared to a full length novel. It only took me an hour or so to read this one. The last one of these I read was back in January of 2013, so it's been a while since I've read any of them. I had a real issue with Alone in a Crowd (the book before the last one I read) - there was a corn thing that really grossed me out. (I'm not going to explain, because no one needs that image in their head).

I gave the series a second chance by reading Second Chances (funnily enough), but didn't care all that much. After this book their are three more books in the series before it spins off into a different one. I think I'll finish those and maybe give the new series a chance as well.


There are too many people in this series (much like Robyn Carr's Virgin River series) and while it is nice to see some of them, there were so many names in this one that it seemed a little forced at times. I know Cattle Valley is a small town and they did all have reasons for showing up in this book, but there were at least six different names dropped and this book isn't that long!