Review: Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Alice in Zombieland - Gena Showalter

I’m not thrilled with this series so far.  I really liked the idea, but not sure about the actual book. I would have been happier if this book hadn’t tried to make so many connections to Alice in Wonderland.  Yeah her name is Alice and there is a white rabbit but that’s it really.  The chapter titles are all related to Alice in Wonderland but it just comes across as trying too hard.  


Cole’s a bit of jerk at first.  I was really worried at first that he was going to be like Edward in Twilight (if he’s a jerk that can’t stay away - tell him to fuck off!  At least Cole doesn’t stalk Alice) Cole was also very hot and cold at first, which really annoyed me.  I get that he has secrets to keep, but Alice already knew about the zombies so I didn’t really understand why he was being such a jerk to her.  


There was also (almost) a love triangle.  Justin is very interested in Alice at first, but we quickly learn that she isn’t interested in him. (Jacob anyone?)  I hate love triangles in general and really hate them in YA fiction.  


Sorry for all the connections to Twilight, a book I didn’t even like, but they seemed a little too obvious at times. Thankfully Alice is less boring than Bella (who I didn’t hate, unlike most Twi-haters).  At least Alice can kick ass too in this series.

I don’t really have much to really say about the plot, since the main thing is killing zombies and things at the end of the book I don’t want to give away.  Zombies are spirits in this world, which is a twist I didn’t expect.