Review: Hide’n Go Seek by Dale Mayer

Hide'n Go Seek - Dale Mayer

This one didn’t focus as much on the romance as the first one in the series.  I think it works better without the romance focus.  I did like Kali and Grant as a couple a lot more than I liked Sam and Brandt.


The murder plot had several surprises, including two suspects that were a little too obvious.  The killer is the last person I expected it to be.  We spend quite a bit of time in the killer's’ head and it’s a scary place to be.  He’s decided that everyone that’s survived a natural disaster is going against God’s plan and it’s his job to fix it.  The big creep factor for this one is that he know;s Kali and has focused on her, stalking her throughout the book, although she isn’t really in danger until the end of the book,  

Kali is precog and during this book she draws several different scenes that haven’t happened yet.  When she draws she’s in a trance and doesn’t seem to have any idea what she’s drawing.  This confuses her at first, since she’s never considered herself to be a good artist and is really surprised by what she painted the first time - especially after seeing the same scene out in the real world.