Review: After the Storm by Maya Banks

After the Storm - Maya Banks

The first part of this is just a huge rant about the last 100 pages or so of the book.  SPOILERS, seriously!!! 

This one is my least favorite of the series so far.  I really liked Eve and Donovan together at first but the last 100 or so pages completely ruined Eve for me.  Yeah, it all stems from a big misunderstanding that could have (of course) been avoided if they’d just talked to each other.  Donovan is planning on going after Eve’s stepfather, who is the main reason she’s been running for so long.  Eve overhears something that makes it sound like Van is going to betray her and give her to her stepfather in order to protect her siblings (Travis and Cammie).  I dislike misunderstandings in general but it’s what she does after hearing this that really pissed me off.


Instead of confronting Van (and I do understand why she didn’t, but still!) she holds Rusty at gunpoint (with a gun that doesn’t even have a safety on it - and that part wouldn’t have been so bad if it had a safety on it).  I’m not really sure which part pissed me off more - that she’d held a gun on Rusty at all or the fact that the gun didn’t even have a safety on it - what the hell was she going to do if the gun accidently went off?  I think it’s made worse by the fact that it was Rusty and I’ve always had a soft spot for her.  If that wasn’t bad enough, Eve has Rusty take her to the hardware store and takes all of the money out of the safe and cash register. Then she ties Rusty up and leaves in Rusty’s car (SUV? I can’t remember and it doesn’t really matter).  


That means that Eve has kidnapped someone and robbed a store.  She doesn’t get punished at all.  Yeah, she does feel guilty for it, but she still did it.  I know the KGI group gets away with more than they should but if anyone else had done those things KGI would have hunted them down.  I get that she was terrified and desperate but there should have been some consequences for her actions.  Maybe the KGI are too forgiving sometimes?


Sorry for all of that. I wrote all of that right after I finished the book and I couldn’t think about anything but the last 100 pages (and how much they pissed me off).  I’m still really pissed since this is also being written at the time.  I’m not going to post this for a day or two so maybe I’ll be calm enough to review the other parts of the book.

Update:  No, I really have nothing else to say about this one.  I can’t get over the last 100 pages of this book and think about the start of the book.  It still makes me mad, even six days after reading it. So, that last part of the book nearly ruined it for me.  I have read the next book in this series and I’m happy that it didn’t piss me off like this one did.