Review: Shades of Gray by Maya Banks

Shades of Gray - Maya Banks

I really hate long time jumps.  I know No Place to Run as a five month time jump, but aside from Sophie being five months pregnant, it doesn’t really seem like that much time as past. In this one, there's some time before the mission that goes wrong, during the mission and at little time after the mission.  Then there’s the time six months after the mission.  I understand why, since this is the KGI series and P.J. wasn’t part of the KGI during those six months.  She also spend that time hunting down and killing men involved with the mission that went wrong.   

I had some trouble connecting to P.J. and Cole, at least partly due to that time gap.  They are both members of Steele’s KGI team so we do know them from previous books but them being brief secondary characters isn’t the same as them having their own book.  I did like both P.J. and Cole but it was hard to really care all that much about them getting together, although I did like them together. I guess I just assumed they’d get together so it didn’t matter that much if I wanted them together or not.  Maybe I need a break from this series?