Review: No Place to Run by Maya Banks

No Place to Run - Maya Banks

The romance in this one seemed a little rushed.  Sam and Sophie were together for a while while Sam was undercover, five months before more of this book takes place, so that explains it. Neither one really trusts the other - both lied when they first met and things seem to just keep happening that make it hard for them to fully trust the other. This one seemed a little more action focused than the first book, although it also had it’s share of action scenes.


I was less interested in Rusty in this one then I’d been in The Darkest Hour. She wasn’t in this one as much as the first one but she’s more trusting of the Kelly family, more comfortable with them so she’s a bit bratty in this one.  

There are several surprises in this one.  First up is what Sophie iied about when her and Sam were together five months before (the first chapter is set when they were together before, but most of this book happens five months after Sam’s undercover mission).  This wasn’t really a surprise (I’d guessed before she tells Sam the truth, but it is a plot twist).  The second comes closer to the end of the book and it was something I hadn’t expected (not really that big of a shock when I thought about it, but still).  I’m not spoiling, even though this book has been out for a while.